Everybody Wins. Really.

This Spring, I’d like you to consider buying a share of fresh food from your local CSA. The prices are preposterously low, and get even lower if you qualify for assistance or volunteer your time. With this small purchase you’ll be signed up for a season of delicious, healthy returns. The farm will deliver boxes of glorious produce (and sometimes meat and eggs) for the entire growing season and, if you’re like me, you’ll have to invite friends over for dinner every weekend just to get rid of it all. Consider it an investment in good eating, progressive farming, active education, health, and your local economy. If you know of a simpler way to make such a huge impact, I’m all ears.

Here’s a link that details some of the many ways CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms are saving American consumers, farmers, and economies. While there, you should also search for an active CSA in your area. With little to no trouble at all, you can be a hero at home and on the field.

Local Harvest CSA Search

-L’Avant Gardener

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